Monday, January 9, 2012

Blog Post #1

This quarter I plan on playing with glazes. I want to look up some new recipes of green and purple. Since I will be playing with glazes i decided I want to work on plates. I haven't had too much success with plates in the past so it will be good to practice the technique. My goal is to have aprox. 20 finished plates. I don't want to do very much surface decoration on the plates since it makes them hard to clean or eat off of. For the plates i want them to serve functionally, however anything else i make probably wont be. I will probably make some vases with alot of surface decoration (still searching for inspiration on those). One side project that i want to work on is make a mosaic out of pottery shards using some new glazes. I will be assembling it at home and gluing the pieces onto a board to create a picture (haven't decided what yet).